Intelligent, diverse, grounded, well-rounded and dedicated to making a difference are a few characteristics critical for organizational success that are exemplified by the students of Washington University in St. Louis.


Students are committed to demographic, experiential and intellectual diversity

  • 90% of students are from out of state
  • 65% of students have traveled greater than 500 miles to attend
  • Students and faculty from 50 states and 80 different countries
  • More than 1 in 3 WashU students study abroad
  • WashU values the diversity of its student body, which adds complexity to student learning and experience.



Students are grounded and well-rounded leaders, who are passionate about making a difference in a team environment

  • 350 + campus organizations
  • 10 student-run businesses
  • 19 Division III athletic teams
  • 70% of undergraduate students participate in community service

1,500 Courses

WashU’s rigorous multi-disciplinary, problem-solving curriculum molds critical thinking skills

Career Outcome Data

WashU Graduating Class Surveys