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Employer Engagement Update

Our employer engagement team is eager to collaborate with you to explore new and innovative recruitment and engagement strategies. 

Our talented students are highly engaged and interested in connecting in new ways.  Please contact Casey Jenkerson or your employer engagement contact with questions or to discuss your talent needs.  Our Employer Engagement team is available via Zoom, phone or email, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Recruitment Opportunities
For postings or opportunities, continue to use Handshake.  For all Handshake related questions, contact us at hiretalent@wustl.edu.

Career FairsCareer Fairs

Multiple campus wide fairs targeting all majors.

2 SLAMSNetworking Events

Multiple niche events hosted each year.

Info SessionsInformation Sessions

Engage students on campus and highlight your company brand.

Road ShowsBear Treks

Let us bring students to you!

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Connect with our intelligent, diverse, grounded, well-rounded talent. In today’s dynamic and global marketplace you require the intellectual capacity, diverse perspective, unbending ambition, and driving passion of a WashU student.

WashU Career Industries

Why Hire from WashU?

Student Body Diversity

WashU values the diversity of its student body, which adds complexity to student learning and experience.

Outcome Data Reports

The WashU Center for Career Engagement surveys each graduating class to gather information about their post-graduation plans.

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